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Ultimate Dandelion Guide

ultimate dandelion guide

I have been wanting to open the discussion around dandelions. Spring has arrived and the dandelion is popping up all over the place. I have read many comments on Facebook about peoples’ battles with dandelions. I had to investigate whether this persistent little plant is our friend or foe. Should we be ripping it out and throwing it […]

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Celebrate Earth Day with a 3R’s Pledge

celebrate earth day with 3r's pledge

It’s Earth Day! Earth Day is one of my favourite days of the year. There aren’t any gifts required, there aren’t any big fancy meals, there are no mythical characters – the day is all about celebrating our beautiful planet. This year is the 25th anniversary of Earth Day in Canada – Earth Day was “born” […]

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Tips for Keeping the House Cool This Summer

tips for keeping house cool in summer

It seems like only yesterday the snow was piled knee high in our front yard. Yet, today the temperatures reached a sunny 17. Once the showers of April have passed, the sunshine of May will hit our city. It won’t be long until we are wearing shorts and sandals…dreaming of the relief of a cool […]

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Plant a Storybook Vegetable Garden with Kids

plant a storybook vegetable garden with kids

Looking for a fun way to engage kids in the garden? Create a storybook vegetable garden with kids. Captivate their imaginations and bring their favourite book to life right before their eyes. The garden is a fantastic place for children to experience science first hand. It’s time to get those little hands dirty and try […]

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Plastic Egg Carton Flowers for Spring

plastic egg carton flowers spring

Egg cartons have changed. Traditionally, egg cartons are made from grey cardboard…the same standard style and colour has been used for decades. However, there are a couple of companies who have started selling eggs inside clear plastic egg cartons. Now as a consumer this difference doesn’t impact my purchasing decision. As a crafter however, I […]

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What is A Carbon Footprint?

carbon footprint 3

What the heck is a carbon footprint? Have you heard this term before? You probably have. My daughter heard it the other day and was wondering what it meant. So, we decided to do a little research, a little brainstorming and we came up with an explanation and a solution to the BIG carbon footprint […]

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Tips for Applying Sunscreen on Kids

tips for applying sunscreen on kids

It is week three of  the Go Green Challenge from the folks at Toronto’s Green Living Show. All month long I will be trying out awesome products and services that help families lead greener lives. The best part – I will be sharing my experiences and the products and services with you. Be sure to read through to […]

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Tips for Spring Cleaning with Kids

tips for spring cleaning with kids

The fabulous folks from Toronto’s Green Living Show have challenged a group of bloggers to Go Green for the month of March. All month long I will be checking out some awesome products and services that help families lead greener lives. The best part is I will be sharing my experiences and the products and […]

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Healthy Family Expo 2015

Healthy Family Expo 2015

In my ongoing quest to lead a greener life I often find myself checking out websites and articles about new products, businesses and eco-friendly organizations. I have logged many hours learning about products and alternatives that might work for our family. Sometimes I think it would be so much easier if I could just go […]

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