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Healthy Family Expo 2015

Healthy Family Expo 2015

In my ongoing quest to lead a greener life I often find myself checking out websites and articles about new products, businesses and eco-friendly organizations. I have logged many hours learning about products and alternatives that might work for our family. Sometimes I think it would be so much easier if I could just go […]

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Polar Bear Activity : Melting Sea Ice

polar bear activity melting sea ice

Canada is a land of bears. People usually associate Canada with the Canada Goose, beavers and the moose…but we have a lot of bears here too. You can find black bears, grizzly bears and polar bears across Canada. Since polar bears primarily live in the northern most regions of Canada, it can be easy to […]

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Natural Ways to Stay Healthy this Cold and Flu Season

natural ways to stay healthy cold and flu season

The temperature outside is dropping, which means we are spending more time inside. Flu is an airborne illness – it travels through the air we breathe. More time inside means more time are hanging out with each other in enclosed spaces. We are simply more likely to come into contact with cold and flu viruses. […]

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Healthy Family Expo

healthy family expo

I’m embarking on a few exciting new adventures in the coming months. Exciting adventures that I think you are going to enjoy. I’m introducing the first today. In our family’s quest to lead a greener life we have met some pretty amazing people and learned about some awesome organization and events. I’m happy to let you know […]

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How to Use Coffee Grounds in the Garden

how to use coffee grounds in the garden

Okay, I’m back. Let’s get back to business and back to the Family Eco-Challenge. The other day the girls and I were standing in line at Starbucks, when we noticed a bin filled with silver bags and a sign offering these bags of used coffee grounds…for free. Always in search of a “good deal” we […]

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Getting the Garden Growing

growing the garden

Well, the weather here in Toronto still isn’t quite acting like its normal self. We should be experiencing hot days, as the start of summer is just around the corner. Instead the days and evenings can still be a little cool. Of course that hasn’t stopped us. Over the last couple of weeks we have […]

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Family Eco-Challenge: Week 3

family eco-challenge toilet paper swap

How’s it going? Have you been following along? Did you take inventory of the products you use on your skin everyday? Check out my update at the end of today’s post. On with week 3! I cannot possibly host a Family Eco-Challenge without addressing one of my biggest bathroom pet peeves…toilet paper. Okay, my problem […]

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Getting the Garden Ready for Winter

getting the garden ready for the winter

If you are wondering where you will find me this weekend…I’ll be in my garden. I love my garden in the fall. Everything is growing so nicely. The colours change. However, I know the the cooler weather brings frost and frost brings soggy, rotting plants. So, it is important to take a little time in […]

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Green Life : A Glimpse into Our Fall Garden

grass plumes

I love gardens in the autumn. The summer sun is done bleaching and baking the flowers. The cool air lets the garden relax a little, take a deep breath and get ready for the winter months ahead. The autumn is when the ornamental grasses that have been slowly reaching for the sky to finally take […]

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