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How to Make a Cookie Cutter Bird Feeder

How to make a cookie cutter bird feeder

We are taking the Valentine’s Day love outdoors today. I’ve had a bag of birdseed sitting on the kitchen counter for a few weeks now. We had fun making and filling our little pumpkin bird feeders, but I have been wanting to make a cookie cutter bird feeder for a while now. With Valentine’s Day […]

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Upcycled Heart Valentine Cards

upcycled heart valentine card

Every year my girls make their classmates Valentine cards. They have made cute “Bee Mine” buzzing bees, potato stamped heart cards, “Yoda Best Valentine” Yoda and cardboard roll owls Valentine cards. This year we wanted to find a way to use the cool newspaper hearts that we used for our Valentine heart garland. So, with […]

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Homemade Bird Feeder

How to make a homemade bird feeder diy

Every winter we like to find ways to feed the birds who live in our neighbourhood. In the past we have made garlands of treats and we have turned dried gourds into bird feeders. This year I had a pile of little pumpkins left over from Thanksgiving and thought they would make perfect homemade bird […]

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10 Awesome Eco Friendly Christmas Crafts and Activities

10 Awesome Eco Friendly Christmas Crafts and Activities for Kids

Here we go with a second edition of our 15 Days of Green Christmas. This December I will be sharing simple ways to connect with family, craft and make lovely gifts, ways to giveback to your community and simple ways to celebrate the holidays in eco-friendly ways.  When I dream of a green Christmas, or […]

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Sugar Free Family – Our November Experiment

sugar free family

I sit here staring at two bowls, overflowing with Halloween candy…overflowing.  A couple of weeks ago I asked my husband what he thought about going sugar free in November. He was totally on board with the idea. When we went to the kids with it they were reluctant at first. They had one condition – […]

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