Grocery Shopping Made Simple: Click and Collect

grocery shopping made simple click and collect

I think we all are looking for ways to simplify our lives. My Facebook feed is filled with articles about “getting organized” and “ways to simplify in 2015″. While we didn’t make any explicit resolutions, we are always looking for ways to use our time wisely. This is one of the reasons why I am […]

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Getting Organized for the Holidays with Rubbermaid

organized for the holidays

Okay, we are quickly heading toward Christmas. The kids are done school, my husband will be starting his last minute shopping (any day now) and this weekend is going to be filled with Christmas baking. At this time of the year I love being organized. I write a million lists, I track every activity and […]

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Christmas Themed Lunch for Kids

christmas themed lunch ideas

I am so excited about today’s post. A few days of the week, my kids stay for lunch at school. The lunches I make are usually pretty boring. I try and get creative…sometimes I include funny little jokes and the odd time I will add special treats. Well, I’ve decided to kick things up a […]

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20 Christmas Cookie Recipes for Kids to Make

christmas cookies recipes

Memories are made in the kitchen. I know when I think back to my childhood I remember pressing cookie cutters into the dough, baking and decorating simple sugar cookies with my mom. I have pulled together 20 Christmas cookies that are simple enough for kids to make. With a few simple ingredients and some time […]

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Santa’s Sleigh Gingerbread Cookie Garland

gingerbread cookie garland

Things have kicked into full holiday gear around here. In an attempt to be better organize this year (did you read my post about my unfortunate history of last minute shopping) I am getting a head start on some of the handmade holiday gifts I will be giving. I have a few gift ideas in […]

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Delicious Food Show with Kids

kid in the kitchen

My kids are foodie kids. Specifically, my kids are Food Network kids. My girls request watching Jamie, Giada and Ina. Now, this might sound like we watch a lot of television. We don’t. It just happens that in our house, we don’t watch regular television shows very often. Instead we watch cooking shows. My daughters don’t watch television […]

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Kid Approved Oven Roasted Broccoli

oven roasted broccoli

I’m pretty sure you have been wondering. Ever since I mentioned last week that my girls have fallen back in love with broccoli – you have been wondering how. How have I convinced my children to enjoy broccoli? One of the most dreaded of vegetables from all our childhoods. I know I have nighmares of […]

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Pumpkin Scones with Cinnamon Glaze

pumpkin scones with cinnamon glaze

Okay, these pumpkin scones are delicious. There, I said it. I love baking and making food using pumpkin in the fall. There is nothing quite like pumpkin. In the middle of the afternoon, when I need a little pick-me-up these beautifully soft scones are the perfect fall treat. I took the elements of my favourite scones […]

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How to Dry Herbs in Your Kitchen

how to dry herbs

I love our herb garden. In fact, herbs have got to be the easiest edible plants to grow…aside from dandelions. Every year I plant a variety of herbs and in the late summer/early fall I harvest the herbs and bring them inside to dry. In the past I shared how to set up an herb drying […]

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