For this week’s Family Eco-Challenge we’ve been taking a look through the trash. We have been digging through our recycling bin to make certain that we aren’t putting any awesome craft supplies in the bin. There are so many creative ways to make, build and play with the items we would typically recycle. Water bottles, plastic containers, paper tubes, cardboard boxes and so much more. We’ve been putting aside any of the items we think we can play with and we’ve been getting crafty. This week’s challenge is to collect up recyclables and try and get crafty. I’ve put together an awesome collection of recycled crafts for kids for a little inspiration.recycled crafts for kids

25+ Recycled Crafts for Kids

plastic bottle crafts

Turn old plastic bottles into a playful water wall the kids will love exploring from Tinkerlab.
Create a rainbow of colours with these simple water bottle sun catchers from There’s Just One Mommy.
Love these plastic bottle bracelets from Canadian Family…perfect tween craft.
Turn garbage into music, a lovely plastic bottle wind chime from Happy Hooligans.
Make a groovy lava lamp from an old water bottle from Juggling with Kids.

cardboard box crafts

Make a cool roadway from old cardboard like the Imagination Tree.
Turn a cardboard box into a little world just like our farm diorama.
I love Lemon Lime Adventures kid-made full size rocket ship…pretty awesome.
Build an entire town inside a cardboard box like Picklebums.
Create and decorate a super cool dragon boat for your toys to float around in, like Ikat Bag.

bottle cap crafts

Turn bottle caps in to musical instruments, like‘s bottle cap castanets
Turn your bottle tops into a lovely piece of art like Love and Lollipops.
These plastic lid ladybugs from Crafts By Amanda are adorable.
Add your photos and turn bottle lids into picture frames from I Love to Craft.
Create magnetic art with bottle lids like CraftoArt.

cardboard tube crafts

Love these toilet paper roll bracelets from MollyMoo.
Make a hilarious celebrity toilet paper roll person, inspired by Red Ted Art.
Build a simple magnetic cardboard tube marble run from Teach Preschool.
Turn paper tubes into jewelry like we did for Valentine’s Day.
Have fun making cardboard tube monsters from Creative Family Fun.

egg carton crafts

Make a super cute mini helicopter from egg carton from The Craft Train.
Love these silly Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from The Sugar Aunts.
Turn egg cartons into a beautiful bouquet of flowers like we did.
Kids can make a classic creepy, crawly caterpillar like Poofy Cheeks made.
These egg carton masks from Picklebums are gorgeous and so much fun.

A couple more ideas…

other recycled crafts

Love Happy Hooligans simple plastic container bird feeder…so easy to make.
Make magical fairy houses from plastic containers from Filth Wizard.

What will you make with your recyclables? 

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