A Fall Weekend Away

by Jen on October 24, 2014 in outdoor play party

It’s time for the Outdoor Play Party and what better time to share our family weekend away to Blue Mountain. We had the absolute pleasure of spending a beautiful and activity filled weekend exploring Blue Mountain Village, the shops at Blue and the restaurants at Blue. Blue Mountain is a ski and snowboarding resort in the winter months, but in the fall, when the mountain bikers take to the hill, I think the area is equally amazing. family weekend away

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“V” is For A Soaring Vulture Craft

soaring vulture craft

Today we are excited to be participating in the 31 Days of ABC’s, hosted by All Done Monkey. Our letter of choice is the letter “V”. We brainstormed words that start with the letter “v”. We came up with vegetable, violin, velcro, violet, Vivaldi, vacation, vanilla, vultures and more. Since we already have a love […]

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Simple Turkey Stock Recipe

turkey stock recipe

If you follow my Instagram and Facebook pages, then you already know that I attended We Day a couple of weeks ago. We Day is an annual event hosted by Me to We in support of Feed the Children. The event was attended by thousands of young people…students who had earned their way to the […]

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Healthy Family Expo

healthy family expo

I’m embarking on a few exciting new adventures in the coming months. Exciting adventures that I think you are going to enjoy. I’m introducing the first today. In our family’s quest to lead a greener life we have met some pretty amazing people and learned about some awesome organization and events. I’m happy to let you know […]

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Owl Birthday Party Invitations and Loot Bags

owl birthday party

Did you already check out our super cute owl birthday cake and our clay owl craft? The owl themed birthday party is really shaping up. Now let’s cover off the most important part of the party – the invitation and the loot bags. I’m a big fan of involving the kids in every aspect of […]

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Clay Owl Craft for Kids

clay owl craft for kids

I really hope you enjoyed our owl cake post. I know we had a great time eating it! Next up is a simple owl craft for kids to make. With a few crafty supplies, kids can turn a ball of clay into their very own owl. I first spotted this craft idea on Pinterest…our version is […]

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How to Make An Owl Birthday Cake

owl birthday cake

The last year has been “The Year of the Owl” in our house. We really don’t know how it all started. For whatever reason my youngest daughter became fascinated by owls. Her focused love has led her, and all of us, to learn as much about owls as she possibly can. I love her passion […]

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Simple Fall Outdoor Play Ideas for Kids

fall outdoor play ideas for kids

You know the old story about giving a child a new toy and they only want to play with the box. The same can often be said of outdoor play. Children don’t need a lot of bells and whistles…they just need a little time to explore the outdoors. Their imaginations are sparked by the birds […]

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Delicious Food Show with Kids

kid in the kitchen

My kids are foodie kids. Specifically, my kids are Food Network kids. My girls request watching Jamie, Giada and Ina. Now, this might sound like we watch a lot of television. We don’t. It just happens that in our house, we don’t watch regular television shows very often. Instead we watch cooking shows. My daughters don’t watch television […]

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Kid Approved Oven Roasted Broccoli

oven roasted broccoli

I’m pretty sure you have been wondering. Ever since I mentioned last week that my girls have fallen back in love with broccoli – you have been wondering how. How have I convinced my children to enjoy broccoli? One of the most dreaded of vegetables from all our childhoods. I know I have nighmares of […]

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