It was around 2 years ago that I first joined the Outdoor Play Party. At the time I had been following along with the party and linking up every week. I remember being nervous about publishing my very first post…how to play tic-tac-toe with dandelions. The Outdoor Play Party team welcomed me in with open arms. While our party has changed co-hosts over the years, what has never changed is our love of outdoor play. So, it is pretty hard to be writing that the Outdoor Play Party is now closed.outdoor play party

I thought that I would put together a huge round up of my favourite outdoor play posts…but as I started typing and realized that’s not where this post is going. Instead, I would like to say how super inspiring my co-hosts have been. I honestly wish that my children had attended a fantastic outdoor nursery school with my co-host Kierna. It is like pulling teeth to get teachers here excited about outdoor play…seriously. Kierna lives by the belief that there really is no such thing as bad weather,  and thankfully, she is teaching a whole new generation to embrace any kind of weather.

I have never been a huge fan of messy outdoor play. If we happen to get a little mucky outside it’s okay – but I don’t usually seek out messy play. My co-host Leila from Mud Mud Marvellous Mud is all about getting dirty. With a house full of little boys I can see how she has come to enjoy a little muck and mess. Her outdoor play ideas have shown me the joys of getting dirty outside.

Linda from Rain or Shine Mama is a true outdoor play advocate. Her passion for outdoor play is present in everything she does. I love reading her insightful posts and learning about the unending benefits of outdoor play for our children’s growing bodies and minds.

outdoor play partyIf you are going to head outside in all kinds of weather you had better have the right clothing. Catherine from Adventure Togs not only shares her incredible all weather clothing for kids – but her many ideas for things to do outdoors with the kids. The stories she shares are always insightful and packed with fun ideas.

Finally, the Outdoor Play Party would be a pretty boring space if it wasn’t for all of the amazing bloggers who share their stories in this space. Thank you for stopping by and spreading the outdoor play love. There have been so many amazing stories. Keep on adventuring wherever you are in the world. 

While the party is over that doesn’t mean the need to spread the powerful message of the benefits of outdoor play needs to end. Keep on advocating for kids, keep on advocating for nature, keep on spending time exploring and keep on taking the time to get outside and outdoor play party

Thanks – Jen




Summer STEM Activities for Kids

summer stem activities for kids

It is hard to believe that in a few weeks it will be summer vacation. Somehow summer always sneaks up on me. Both of my girls are home all summer long, so I am always on the hunt for great activities that will keep them engaged, learning and happy. This summer we are hoping to […]

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Trillium Flower Craft for Kids

trillium flower craft for kids

I would love to introduce you to the beautiful official flower of Ontario, Canada – the Trillium. If you are out on a hike in an Ontario forest in the early spring, you might come across this delicate woodland flower. When you find a Trillium it is like discovering something magical. Their simplistic shape, 3 […]

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Food Revolution Day House Party Wrap Up

food revolution day house party wrap up

Phew! The kids came, they sliced, they squashed, they ate and they had a great time. My daughters, my husband and I hosted our first ever Food Revolution Day house party this weekend and it was a blast. I wanted to share some of the incredible highlights from our event in the hope that you […]

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Celebrate Food Revolution Day – Kid Friendly Recipe Collection

kid friendly recipe collection food revolution day

Happy Food Revolution Day. Today is Food Revolution Day and I thought it would be fun to celebrate by gathering together a whole bunch of awesome recipes that are simple to make with kids. The Food Revolution Day movement is all about food education…including our children in the food conversation at home is a great […]

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Ultimate Dandelion Guide

ultimate dandelion guide

I have been wanting to open the discussion around dandelions. Spring has arrived and the dandelion is popping up all over the place. I have read many comments on Facebook about peoples’ battles with dandelions. I had to investigate whether this persistent little plant is our friend or foe. Should we be ripping it out and throwing it […]

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Zentangles for Kids – Meditative Art

zentangle for kids

Do you ever become so overwhelmed by something that you become totally unproductive – you actually freeze up? As a student I remember this happening often. I needed something to help me refocus. When feeling overwhelmed, have you ever found yourself doodling? Aimlessly doodling can be quite meditative and beneficial to our minds. I’m always […]

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Simple Ways to Add Outdoor Play to a Family Road Trip

outdoor play to a family road trip

Road Trip. What images does that evoke in your mind? Road trips in my childhood meant piling into my grandparents’ Volkswagon camper van. Somehow it was legal for us to sit on a wooden seat positioned between the driver and the passenger…no seat belt…sitting on a pillow. If there had been an accident, I didn’t […]

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Yayoi Kasuma with Kids

yayoi kusama for kids cover

I came across the incredible art of Yayoi Kusama a few years ago and I knew that some day I was going to revisit her artwork, with my children. I instantly fell in love with the joyful spirit of Kusama’s art and I had a pretty good feeling my girls would love her artwork too. […]

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