As you may already know, last summer we took the kids on an epic road trip. We drove halfway across Canada, to the beautiful east coast. When you travel with kids, you need a lot of games and things to entertain the kids…right? One of our go-to games was “would you rather?” Before we left I typed up and printed out 50 would you rather questions. When I was thinking about the holidays I thought it would be fun to create a would you rather Christmas edition. would you rather christmas game for kids

If you aren’t familiar with the game “Would You Rather?” it is a series of questions that ask…would you rather? For example, would you rather have duck feet or an elephant trunk? Would you rather travel to the moon or travel to the centre of the Earth? Kids love this game. The questions open up all sorts of funny discussions. Imagine defending why you would rather have an elephant trunk…fun.

So, for the Christmas edition I turned up the Christmas carols and put on my Santa hat to create 30 different festive “would you rather” questions. It was so much fun. Here are a few examples…would you rather Christmas game for kids close up

I’ll be cutting out the slips and adding the, to my daughters’ lunch boxes all month long. I also plan on keeping some in the car, for holiday road trips. I’ll be printing off an additional copy and sharing these with my 9 year old nephew – I think he’ll enjoy them too.would you rather christmas game for kids

Simply click this link to print off your own copy of would you rather Christmas edition for kidswould you rather Christmas game for kids fb

How will you use the game? They would be great to bring along to a Santa Claus parade, or for the kids to do as they sit patiently at a holiday concert. Would you rather play this fun game or listen to your child complain about being bored?

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