The Snow Pant Battle

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I had a completely different post planned for today, but it will have to wait. This morning we woke up to a foot of freshly fallen snow and a fierce wind chill. Winter this year hasn’t accumulated very much snow, it has been cold, but in general it has been an easy winter. To a tween this is fantastic…no snow pants required. As the parent of a tween…I beg to differ.the snow pant battle tween

With a cold weather alert in effect and high winds, today is a snow pant day. I have never had an issue getting my children to wear warm clothing in the winter. They understand why they need to stay warm and they know the clothing that will keep them warm. Unfortunately, we have entered the phase when wearing snow pants is not “cool”. My tween daughter will only wear snow pants in a handful of situations; skiing, sledding, skating, after a MAJOR snowfall and when her friends aren’t around. Not on a school day morning…even though it is frigid outside. 

What is a mama to do? Let her go off and freeze? Allow her this opportunity to stretch her independence? Let her learn for herself? Bribe her? None of these work, sadly. 

My husband phoned before we left for school and asked to speak to my tween. “I’m not wearing my snow pants, Dad.” Obviously, he and I are on the same page – a totally different page from our daughter.

So, off we went to school. A snow pantless tween and an 8 year old bundled up to the max. I convinced my tween to bring her snow pants to school – minor battle won. I could see that her thin yoga pants really weren’t keeping her warm enough. There would be no admission from my tween.

When we arrived at school she went straight inside, out of the cold, into the comfort of the warm school and the company of her snow pantless friends. I have a hard time with these disagreements. I know, she knows that she needs to be wearing snow pants – but she can’t admit it. I know she is cold. I know I probably did the exact same thing at her age. I know she is going to be fine. I know that sometimes parenting isn’t about winning and losing – it is about planting the seed of an idea and waiting patiently for it to grow. She has the pants, she knows what I think and now it’s up to her. And, snow pant battle continues…

Do you have a tween or pre-tween? Have you ever faced a snow pant battle?
How did you work it out?

Now it’s time for the Outdoor Play Party and time to see what has been happening in warmer climates…

beach art collageThe Boy and Me had fun creating beach art.
Mother Natured built nature boats and explored a creek.

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Mairi January 30, 2015 at 10:46 am

I remember those days having raised three girls. I encouraged layering….tights, leotards under pants. You can also get lined leggings now to go under pants. If you can get them to modify the outer layer of clothing you can add an extra layer underneath. You can also get very soft, smooth ski long johns that work well under pants. When all else fails, they have to live with the consequences of a walk in the bitter cold. Sigh.


Kierna January 30, 2015 at 2:45 pm

Oh thank-you for making me smile today, your post brought back so many tween memories! I honestly would never want to go through at that teenage angst ever again.


Jacquie January 30, 2015 at 3:59 pm

For us, it’s the battle of the socks! My tween insists on wearing shoes with no socks all the time — even when the temp is 12 degrees, or it’s raining cats and dogs, or she’s sniffling from a cold. It’s hard — we’re trying to help them learn to dress for the weather but sometimes that means not expressing their personality or feeling like they will stand out at school. But a Mom’s gotta try (for the health of the child and my own sanity) — at least if I make the request a few times and she ignores it, I feel I’ve done my job as a Mom.


Linda January 30, 2015 at 10:36 pm

Oh I can only imagine what is to come…I’m fighting the same battle with my 4-year-old every day in the winter. She doesn’t like to wear snow pants because they hide her pretty dresses, lol! I’m sure I’ll still be fighting the same battle by the time she’s a tween…Personally I don’t know why anybody voluntarily would want to go without snow pants in the winter in a cold climate. I wear my ski pants pretty much every day outdoors in the winter and love it!


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