Summer Virtual Book Club for Kids – August Preview – Kevin Henkes

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It’s almost time for another edition of the Summer Virtual Book Club for Kids. Yep, summer isn’t quite over yet. So far this summer we have experimented with language with Audrey and Don Woods and we created collage art inspired by Mo Willems. This month the featured author is Kevin Henkes. Are you familiar with his work?

Do you know Chrysanthemum?


Have you met Lilly?

lilly's big day

  Have you been in this garden?

my garden

 And, did you know that Kevin Henkes writes children’s novels?

We’ve been really enjoying exploring the many works of Kevin Henkes. We cannot wait to share the book we have chosen and the activity we have done.

Would you like to participate in the book club? Choose a new or old favourite Kevin Henkes book. Be inspired and create a craft, activity, food or whatever.  Come on by on August 20th and link up your post at the Summer Virtual Book Club for Kids blog hop!

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Summer Virtual Book Club for Kids – Audrey and Don Wood

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Are you ready? It’s time for the July edition of the Summer Virtual Book Club for Kids. This book club is all about discovering new authors and finding ways to make reading fun and exciting for our kids. Last month we jumped into some funny books with Mo Willems. We even experimented with creating collage art. This month the chosen authors are Audrey and Don Wood. You know when you know an author, without even realizing it. For us, that would be the Wood’s. Many of their books are absolute children’s classics. However, instead of sticking with the books were already knew we did a little research and picked up a few books that we thought would challenge and interest my daughters (6 & 9 years old). We landed on “Elbert’s Bad Word“, “Bright and Early Thursday Evening” and “Moonflute.”

In true Audrey and Don Wood fashion, these book’s captivating stories are accompanied by incredibly beautiful artwork. After reading each of these books my girls were excited to dive into something hands on and creative…but what? Well, I observed the girls as they read and re-read “Elbert’s Bad Word.” Clearly, this was their absolute favourite. 
Elbert's Bad Word

In this book Elbert literally picks up a “bad” word and accidentally says it…out loud…in front of EVERYONE! He gets into trouble. Then Elbert meets with a magical gardener who helps him replace the “bad” word with a whole slew of “better” words. I really loved the way that the “bad” word was illustrated. The bad word looks like a scary, hairy monster.

bad word illustration

The physical manifestation of the word got me thinking about other words and what they might actually look like. I handed my girls a list of words; swim, love, swing, run, etc. I asked the girls to write the words as they looked in their minds. For instance, the word “run” might actually be running! Here is what they came up with.

the word love illustrated
the word swing illustrated
word "dog" illustrated
I simply adore the little people swinging in the word “swing” and the little doggies in the word “dog”. The girls truly enjoyed this activity. In fact, even days later, Cee has been commenting on how different words “look”…love it. Not only did this activity focus on the spelling of words, it also helps with comprehension. Understanding the meaning of words and associating a visual with the words helps with story comprehension.

Now, did you have an opportunity to read any books by Audrey and Don Wood? Please take a look at the other co-host blogs for some amazing activities and ideas…

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Please link up any posts that you have that feature the work of Audrey and Don Wood – we would love to see what you have been creating. Don’t forget to check out the Virtual Book Club for Kids Facebook page, where you can stay find out more about 

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Danielle July 16, 2012 at 8:51 am

What a great book extension idea! Love the visual representations of words!


KitchenCounterChronicles July 19, 2012 at 10:19 pm

Thanks Danielle!


Kristina July 16, 2012 at 12:02 pm

Illustrating bad words is pretty funny. Your kids came up with some great ideas! I love the message of this book too. Will need to read it!


Cassie July 17, 2012 at 5:36 pm

Nice visual way to bring out the book for the kids!


Jackie H. July 17, 2012 at 9:45 pm

This sounds like a great book. My four year old has been sneaking in some “bad” words (they are really just off-limits words). We need this book! I love your activity too.


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