Making bugs and sounds with the quiet cricket

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You might remember back to our last contribution to Toddler Approved’s Virtual Book Club Jan Brett’s “The Easter Egg”. I love this book club. This month the featured book is Eric Carle’s “The Very Quiet Cricket“. This book was given to my youngest daughter when she was just a babe. Thus began her ever growing collection of Eric Carle books. His artwork is gorgeous and so very creative. When my daughter stood in the middle of the living room the other day and said “Mom, can you give us a book to read and an activity to go with it” I knew this was the one (I also knew my girls are truly the children of a mommy blogger!)

We hopped onto the couch and got down to reading “The Very Quiet Cricket”. A sweet story about a newborn cricket’s first day and first love. When the book was done I looked at my girls and said, “Well girls, what do you want to do?” They both jumped up and started making their own bugs. I love it when the two girls agree on an activity or craft…peace.

Here are the new bugs, complete with unique sounds that they make.

kid made puppet bug
The Love Bug says “Let’s save the trees! Let’s save the trees!”
child made bug puppet
Buzz the bug says “Buzzzzzzzzz!”
child made bug puppet
Walker bug says “click-clack-click-clack”
My youngest was so enthusiastic about this book and her bugs that she decided to bring them to her classroom for show and tell. Her teacher gave my daughter the time to read the book to her class. What a wonderful opportunity. I can only imagine my girl sitting in front of her classmates reading this beautiful book and surprising them all with the chirping cricket at the end.
Please take a look at how “The Very Quiet Cricket” inspired other families. There are some pretty terrific ideas in this linky. Don’t forget to link up any Eric Carle “The Very Quiet Cricket” posts you may have written.
Adrienne Weeks June 2, 2012 at 4:33 pm

Those are super cute!

Soshanna June 4, 2012 at 2:11 am

So cute ! 😀
Definitely will try this after my son is old enough !
You children must be very happy with this.

2 Big, 2 Little June 6, 2012 at 11:19 pm

They are so cute :) We love this book here, my daughter loves reading it herself and hearing the cricket sounds at the end :)
Thanks for sharing at this week’s Kid’s Co-op

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