Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar for Kids

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Well, February is only a few days away. Around here February is not only the month of Valentine’s Day, it is also the month of my husband and my youngest daughter’s birthdays. It is a busy month. Sometimes Valentine’s Day can get a little lost in the excitement of birthdays. Yes, we create a Valentine’s Day meal, but I wanted to do more. This year I thought I would share a little love with my girls and make a reusable Valentine’s Day countdown calendar. With a few materials, some time and some chocolate treats, I created a fun way to celebrate the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.valentine's day countdown calendar

Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar

To make the countdown calendar, I started with a scrap piece of white denim. I hemmed the piece, with red thread, to be 11 1/2 inches wide by 25 inches long. I sewed a channel in the top of the panel, the channel is there so I can insert a stick to hang the calendar on the wall.hearts cut out

After sewing the panel, I then cut out the 14 hearts from pink and red felt. I used a cookie cutter as my guide. I also cut out the word “LOVE” from the red and pink felt. Once the hearts were cut out I cut out the numbers from white felt. I cut the numbers free hand. If you aren’t comfortable with free hand, find your favourite font in your word processing software. Type the numbers and enlarge them to the size that fits on the hearts. Cut out the numbers and use them as a stencil on the white felt. hearts with numbers

After all the felt pieces were cut, I sewed the numbers onto the hearts by hand. I used a simple straight stitch. When the numbers were all sewn on, I then pinned the hearts in place and sewed them to the white panel…leaving the top of each heart open…creating little pockets. When the hearts and the word “LOVE” were sewn on, I slipped the stick into the channel at the top of the panel, tied a piece of ribbon to either end of the stick and and hung the calendar on a clear push pin on the wall. 

close up with stick channel

Now, the fun part…filling the hearts. Our local chocolate shop had these super cute chocolate cupids and hearts, they were perfect. I also printed off the Valentine’s Day jokes printable I created last year. Each heart has a joke and a couple of chocolates.cute chocolates

So, how long did it take me to make this? Well, I’m a busy mom so while I would like to say it took “an afternoon” – it took a few afternoons. In my defence, I have been sewing this in secret…I didn’t want my girls to see it until it was completely done. It would have been much quicker if I had done it all at once. The bottom line is I have made a sweet Valentine decoration that we can use for years to come…worth every minute of work.valentine's day countdown square

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