School’s (almost) out! How do you feel about it?

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Tomorrow is my girls’ last day of school. Grade 3 and Kindergarten will be a distant memory when September rolls around. Somehow we made it through the last 10 months of projects, spelling tests, math tests, show and tells, concerts, plays and play dates. It is pretty amazing how the school year can creep along and then all of a sudden it’s summer again.
Summer. What to do this summer? We have created our Summertime Fun List; things we want to do and places we want to go this summer. It is not that I think we won’t have plenty of things to do this summer, it is more I fear the time when we aren’t doing anything…the time in between. 
If you read this blog, then you know that I love doing things with my girls. Seriously. Does that mean  things always run smoothly around here, nope. 
There are plenty of arguments and lots of bickering between my girls. After all they are 6 and, almost, 9 years old. The older one has figured out how to push the younger ones buttons. The younger one falls right into her sister’s emotional traps. The volume rises. The tears start. And the next thing I know I’m desperately trying to calm two highly emotional little girls. Until, I inevitably have to resort to separating them. Time for a break in their rooms.
This is what I fear about summer. The repetition of this exact scenario every single day. 
How many times in the last two weeks have I said “This is not how I want to spend my summer girls!” Somehow, hoping that my saying this will magically make them wake up and stop being, well, children.
There is no doubt that I love summer with my girls. The time we spend together is precious to me. Especially as I see them growing and stretching their wings. Most of the time everyone gets along beautifully. We sing, craft, explore the outdoors, read and laugh together. As a stay-at-home mom the summer is when I get to focus all my attention on my girls. Who wouldn’t love that?
I guess I am just hoping this summer is filled with more happy and less yappy.
How ’bout you? Has your kid’s summer vacation already started? How are you coping with the tough times? Am I the only one who feels this way?

Come back tomorrow and check out what we are putting together to help everyone in our family, have a positive experience this summer.

Cerys @ Rainy Day Mum June 27, 2012 at 9:53 am

My children aren’t school age yet (J goes to preschool in September and then it all begins) however as a SAHM to them it means… All groups for toddlers stop, our parks that we’ve used daily over the school terms are suddenly filled with kids on bikes not noticing a little 16 month toddling around, the zoo, beach, museum and other activities that have been our weekly field trip destinations suddenly become over crowded and not great for toddlers – I dread the summer holidays. At the moment I’m working with a couple of friends to create a fun summer for us all – avoiding the crowds and creating our own summer groups to go to.

KitchenCounterChronicles June 27, 2012 at 10:09 am

Very true Cerys…we live in a tourist area and it gets pretty busy in the summer. Fortunately, we know about the “secret” spots to play that tourists know nothing about. Funny how the summer impacts even pre-schoolers!

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