March break day 2 1/2 – rock art

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Back from the hunt. What a beautiful day it is in our city. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, plants are poking out of the ground…we can feel spring in the air.
So, my grand rock art plans took a turn today. I had planned on doing a take home project…but the girls turned rock art into an outdoor art project! Love this.

You will need
– rocks
– construction paper
– crayons, pencils, markers
How to
– select your rocks

– choose a piece of construction paper to use to trace your rocks onto.

– trace rocks onto paper and embellish as you see fit.
– choose a piece of construction paper and lay it on top of a rock

– using the side of a crayon and pressing firmly, rub the crayon all over the paper – producing a “rubbing” of the rock

we also did rubbings of the wooden boardwalk planks
– choose a piece of construction paper

– simply sketch a picture of the scenery around you…rock and all

Hope you like these ideas that my girls came up with today. We also brought home a container of rocks and are working on other rock art projects for another day.
Hot Tip: if the wind is blowing your paper away, use rocks to hold down the corners of the paper while you work.

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