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While I would love to craft all day long, the reality is that I have 2 kids and not a whole lot of free time on my hands. If I did have all day long to craft these are some of the Father’s day things that I would make. Maybe you are looking for some last minute inspiration. These are fun and simple ideas from around the blogosphere.
Coffee cup warmer

This coffee cup cozy craft, from www.thatartistwoman.org, is perfect for an older child to make. Simple sewing technique used to create a charming and useful gift that dad will keep for a long time.

Martha’s craft showcase

As with all holidays, Martha Stewart has a collection of amazingly lovely craft ideas…most of which have templates and clipart to help you along your way.
Paper bowl

Okay, this one (from www.recycled-eh.com) I am going to try…another day…making a bowl for the office out of paper – love it!
Crafty crow

The Crafty crow is a site that offers many different projects from everywhere and anywhere. Check out their selection of Father’s Day inspired crafts.
Homemade Egg McMuffin

This one looked delicious and fun…I just had to include it…even though it isn’t actually a craft…whatever. (from www.kitchensimplicity.com)

This is a simple, beautiful and versatile idea. Read the story, on Maya*Made, behind these sweet little love hearts and love notes. I’ll be going away this weekend, and I have made a few of my own love hearts to secretly place around the house for my girls (and my husband) to find.

For my love heart rocks I used a red Sharpie and a selection of rocks from the beach. Add a sweet note with loving messages and you have a gift for any occasion – or no occasion at all.
Are you planning on getting crafty for Father’s Day? What are you, or your kids, making this year?

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