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So, a few weeks ago my daughters signed up to the Dare to Draw campaign, in support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. We were excited to join the Bunch Family Team. Over the last 25 days they have drawn every single day. What an amazing selection of things they have drawn. The campaign ends next week, on Valentine’s Day, so I thought I would take today to display some of my favourite pictures…so far. It has been very interesting to see the different interpretations of the same idea that my girls have had. My eldest daughter has elected to use a variety of drawing materials, like chalk, pastels, or simple pencil drawings. While my younger daughter has thrown lots of colours into her works of art. I must say, at the end of this I am considering turning a few of these pics into art for our walls. They truly are frame worthy.
dreaming of being a princess (6yo) 
where food comes from (6yo)
my doctor (7yo)
a virus (6yo)
wildcard (6yo)

my smile (6yo)

my shoes (8yo)

how I get to school (8yo)
a map of my neighbourhood (8yo)
my smile (8yo)
medicine (8yo)

a virus (8yo)

my doctor (8yo)

We would also like to say thanks to those who have donated to the girls’ campaign. This has been an incredible learning opportunity for them. We have had discussions about AIDS and the impact that AIDS has had on Africa, and Canada as well. We have talked about the differences and many, many similarities between families in our neighbourhood and those around the world. I believe that participating in this campaign has provided an example of giving and gratitude to our girls. We hope this simple and fun fundraiser will help our daughters truly understand these words. This has been an awesome experience…really awesome.
If you are still interested in donating to Madeline and Charlotte’s Amazing Dare to Draw Adventure please stop by their personal fundraising page. If you would like to support the Bunch Team check out their page. To find out more about the Stephen Lewis Foundation please read the information here. Thanks. 
Have a great weekend everyone! 

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