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It’s April and that means it is almost Easter!

Funny story. When my daughter was one year old, my sister lived in London, England. For Easter my sister sent a give in the mail. After repeatedly checking the mail in the weeks leading up to Easter…we were disappointed to find that nothing showed up. We forgot all about the expected package…until an entire year later! Reaching into my mailbox, the following April, I found a mangled package. I had no idea what could possibly be inside?! The package was inside a Canada Post bag, with Canada Post tape everywhere…and an apologetic note. Apologetic because they original package was all but destroyed. When I finally made my way inside the wrapping, I realized that this was the Easter gift from my sister…a year ago! What was the gift? Delicate, and mostly broken, tiny Easter tree decorations. The magical characters included birds, bunnies, mushrooms and painted eggs. I still have some minor repair work to do on some of the lady bunnies ears…maybe this is the year I will get to them. We were just glad to see that they made it all the way across the ocean!
I had never actually made an Easter tree before. However, Easter trees are quite common in European countries. I learned that it is believed that Easter trees began in Germany. Some people decorate their trees with religious symbols to celebrate the Easter season. Nowadays, you can find metal or wire versions of Easter trees available at many stores around the holiday. The girls and I enjoy heading to the park and collecting our own branches to make our very own tree. And while people choose to spray paint their branches, we like ours au natural. Here is how to make an Easter tree…
You will need
vase – preferably tall and narrow
easter basket grass (or something for inside the vase)
decorated eggs
decorations to hang on the tree
1. fill vase 3/4 way with easter basket grass, if you find your vase is tipping then fill the bottom of your vase with some pebbles, dried beans or lentils…something to give it some weight

2. stick branches into the grass – add more grass around the branches to provide support
3. fill last 1/4 of vase with grass

4. hang decorations from the branches
5. enjoy
This year I added my own felted chicks to the tree…I have posted the instructions for how-to make your own felted chicks.

In the meantime, classic tree decorations include hand dyed blown-out eggs. My daughters love our Easter tree…it truly is a magical addition to our Easter traditions. In fact, my girls also like to get into the tree decorating action.

They draw their own decorations to hang on the tree.

I provide them with some construction paper and markers…and off they go.

Simply add these treasures to the tree and ta da…Easter tree is complete!
Veronica Slater presents April 13, 2011 at 8:19 pm

I’m mentioning you next monday on my blog on Easter… cause you rock! :) great & inspiring post, my friend! Keep them coming!!

Jen April 14, 2011 at 2:15 pm

Thanks Veronica!

Anna April 3, 2012 at 9:35 pm

Love this idea, found it on Pinterest!

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