It all started with a fish…

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A couple of months ago I suggested we get a pet fish. I was getting ready for Dr.Seuss’ birthday and I was looking for a fun activity to link to the book “A Fish Out of Water.” We don’t have any pets, so I thought a fish would be fun! After visiting the pet store we decided that fish are not for us. You can’t play with a fish…that was a deal breaker for my husband. Next came the possibility of a hamster. You can play with a hamster…check. But, they are nocturnal and can bite and need to be cleaned and, and, and no hamster. So, after exhausting these pet options, and giving up on my Dr.Seuss dreams, I suggested a puppy.
border terrier

Guess what? We are getting a puppy! We are super excited! We decided on a border terrier. They are so cute and scruffy…kind of like our family. Our little fella (not sure of boy or girls yet) arrives in late July and we are literally counting the days. 
border terrier
We have never had a family pet. It was time to add a pet to our family. The best part is this opens up a whole new world of crafts, activities, planning, organizing, etc. While I have no intention of becoming a “dog person”, I know we will embrace this change in our lifestyle. I have already started a “Dog Stuff” Pinterest board and am putting together some posts for here. I can’t wait to share this experience with all of you. Please, pass along your words of puppy advice. I so value your opinions. Here we go!

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GillyMac May 3, 2012 at 11:07 am

Ooh! Yay! Puppies can be sooo much fun :)
I would definitely suggest crate training. And, I would also suggest going to obedience classes, and bring the entire family. Read up on some Cesar Milan blogs for lots more tips.

Jennifer Cluff May 3, 2012 at 11:55 am

YAY! Lots of work, but lots of fun! Cesar Milan is a great suggestion… I’d also strongly recommend crate training. It gives them their ‘safe’ place to go to if they need to as well.

Also, as a ‘retired’ (no, not for age!) groomer, I’d recommend researching a good groomer in your area and start taking the pup in at a reasonably early age (talk to them about suggestions) so that the dog gets used to being groomed.. nails.. etc.

Look forward to hearing about the big arrival! 😉

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