Summer Reading Club for Kids

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Summer vacation is underway. The kids are home and we are looking for fun things to do. It is great to craft and play outside all day long, but I also like to include some time reading and working on comprehension and writing skills. Our local library’s summer reading club is fabulous. Every summer we head to the library and sign up. For the last few summers we have had fun creating our own summer reading club. With these few printable pages, kids can record what they have read and test their comprehension skills with the question page. summer reading club for kids
The first step is to find books to read. Summer is a great time to read, because kids can choose whatever they like. For our summer reading club I look for books at yard sales, second hand book stores and check the clearance rack at the book store. Pick a wide selection of chapter books, picture books, comic books, or whatever the kids like. The books should be engaging and challenging – or just plain fun. Be sure to check out our Books for Kids Pinterest board for some amazing book lists. There are so many amazing book collections pinned – for children of all ages.

Summer Reading Club for Kids

Okay, so what is a summer reading club all about? Well, it isn’t just about reading books, our reading book is about comprehension and activities that extend the learning. Start by printing off the summer reading club for kids free printable pages kids to work on (click that link for the printables). The first page is a traditional reading log. Use the reading log to track the name of the books read, the author and the date the book was completed.

The second page has a series of boxes to complete. The first page is all about comprehension – who were the characters, what 3 things happened in the book, what was the setting and how did the story end?
The final page is a chance for kids to create her own story. By asking “what happened next?” children can create an additional story. At the end of the book where do you think the story will go? Open up your child’s imagination and get them writing. There is even space to draw a picture of what might happen next.

Early readers will enjoy the extra “What words do you know?” page. Have your child fill this page with the first sight words from the book that your child can read on her own. Let your early reader fill in the summer reading pages with pictures, instead of words, if that will keep her engaged in the work.

I haven’t incorporated any sort of prizes into this reading club – but I might give a bonus prize when they reach 10 books.

How are you incorporating learning into your kids summer vacation? 

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