Spring flower egg cups

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We hope you had a lovely holiday weekend. The long weekend is stretching on one more day…at least for the girls. Our Easter weekend was fantastic. Our neighbourhood throws an amazing Easter parade. You always end up seeing people you know. It is incredible how we live in such a huge city, but on a day like today it feels like a small town. This is why we live here.
Moving right along. Today, we are happy to be participating in Tinkerlab’s Egg Carton Creative Challenge and Blog Hop.
Remember when an egg carton was just an egg carton? Once you have kids the potential of simple egg cartons really expands! Every month Tinkerlab challenges people to use every day items in creative ways…this month was perfect for us. We made spring flower egg cups. Here is what we did.

We have been growing seeds in egg shells and needed a way to present them as spring gifts. First we cut down the full egg carton into individual cups.
Using the same tissue paper technique from our tissue paper Easter eggs, apply tissue paper squares all around the outside of the egg cups (we also used toilet paper rolls).
Continue until the entire egg cup is covered…it will look like a nest for the eggs.
We think these little nests make a lovely little gift for Easter, Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, whatever day you can think of. So simple, colourful and easy to make. Thanks Tinkerlab! Here is a list of the other blogs that are participating in the Blog Hop…there are some very impressive ideas out there! 
If you happen to have an egg carton idea, feel free to link up below.
Cerys @ Rainy Day Mum April 9, 2012 at 3:56 pm

What a sweet gift idea and so pretty. I love the tissue paper petals. (What seeds are you growing?)

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