Happy St.Valentine’s Day

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potato stamped heart valentine's

All you need is love. She loves you ya, ya, ya. All my loving. Can’t buy me love. Love me do.
Has there ever been a band with more “love” songs then the Beatles? Seriously?! They simply ooze love. It’s beautiful.
We survived our cupcake birthday party weekend (posts to come) and are ready for St.Valentine’s Day. At the end of this day devoted to love, I know my kitchen counter will have a lovely pile of handmade cards and notes. I look forward to seeing what my daughter’s classmates have created this year. Whether it is a superhero card or a personal note…I adore them all. It means that each child took the time to think of their friends…and reach out with a piece of paper.
My girls were quite excited this year about making their Valentine’s. This is my youngest daughter’s first year at school and thus her first official Valentine’s Day. They knew they wanted to make something, and they settled on making bookmarks. We are kinda book worms around here. So, while perhaps too late to inspire you for this year…here is what my girls made their classmates for Valentine’s day.
Valentine Bookmarks

– 8 1/2″ x 11″ cardstock (cut into 2″ wide strips)
– scissors, fun scissor or pinking shears
– pencil
– potato
– knife
– paint
– markers

1. Cut the cardstock into 2″ wide strips
2. Trim either end of the bookmark with funny scissors (or pinking shears)
3. Write the recipient’s name on the front of the bookmark
4. Slice the potato in half
5. Using the pencil, draw a heart onto the middle of the cut end of the potato

6. Using the knife cut the potato away from around the heart; creating a heart stamp
7. Dip the heart stamp into the paint, dap off excess paint

8. Stamp heart(s) onto the front of the card, around the recipient’s name
9. After the bookmark dries, write your message/name on the back

The best part of this craft is that, apart from creating the potato stamp, the kids can do every single step. This same idea could certainly be applied to any occasion…think of cute little bunny stamps for Easter…I sense another post coming on.
For now, I’m off to pop in some Beatles music and sing about love, love, love. Happy Valentine’s Day!
Personal Shopping for Discerning People February 14, 2011 at 11:29 am

brilliant post, it’s really so simple to capture what Valentine’s is about but most people have a hard time with it. Good for you, guys! This is a great activity, I’ll have to keep it in mind. Our hearts’ guirland is gracing our front door, and has gotten a lot of attention. Thanks for all this lovely inspiration, will post later on my blog! What a day! :):)

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